Standard EN511:2006


STANDARD EN 511:2006

Gloves Giving Protection from Cold



This standard applies to any gloves to protect the hands against convective and contact cold down to -50 degrees celcius.


Protection against cold is expressed by a pictogram followed by a series of 3 performance levels, relating to specific protective qualities. All gloves must achieve at least EN388 performance level 1 for abrasion and tear.

1. 0 to 4 - Resistance to convective cold. Basedon thermal insulation properties of the glove which are obtained by measuring the transfer of cold via convection.

2. 0 to 4 - Resistance to contact cold. Based on the thermal resistance of the glove material when exposed to contact with a cold object.

3. 0 or 1 - Permeability by water. 0= water penetration after 30 minutes of exposure, 1 = no water penetration.

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