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Lynn River was brought into this world in the glorious year of 1969 and was born for one reason and one reason only... gloves! While Neil Armstrong was moon walking and Hendrix was serenading the crowd at woodstock, a couple of brothers in Geraldine were brainstorming business ideas to benefit their cobbers in the farming community. Many products were trialled but it wasn't too long until they stumbled upon a winner. Over the coming years, the brothers put pride in the company and dedicated the business to supplying New Zealanders with high quality and innovative products with emphasis on customer satisfaction and excellent service. Today, we have an extensive glove range that caters to any work environment. Whether you need cut resistant, heat resistant, chemical resistant, waterproof, or thermal gloves,we have you sorted. Naturally, with such expertise with glove safety led us to expand into other areas of workplace safety. We now stock a full safety solution that includes PPE, safety signage and work apparel.

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