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Winter Hand Protection: A few tips to keep your hands warm

Body temperature is vital: A persons average body heat generally sits around 37°C or around 98.5°F. If working in conditions lower than your body temperature you will need to retain your body heat by either increasing physical activity and/or increasing the insulation you have on your body – especially with gloves due to hands not […] ... Read More

Leather Gloves and why we Love Them

Glove technology has come a long way over the years with new innovations emerging every year within the industry. Millions and millions of dollars have been spent in research and development from most major manufacturers trying to get the edge over the competition. With glove liner technology constantly evolving and the advanced science that goes into […] ... Read More

Safety Signs in the Workplace – The Basics

  Is your workplace up to standard when it comes to displaying the correct safety signage? Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1319:1994 has very detailed guidelines around correct artwork to classify as a compliant workplace safety sign. These guidelines are broken down into multiple categories that must account for every hazard that is present […] ... Read More

What Glove Palm Coating is Best for Me?

  When it comes to work gloves, a dipped palm coating can make an amazing improvement in terms of performance and longevity of the glove. There are a number of variations made up from different natural and synthetic rubber compositions. Knowing what dip is best suited for your specific task can have a huge impact […] ... Read More

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