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Understanding Respiratory Protection In New Zealand

The two standards we have for RPD in New Zealand are the AS/NZS 1716:2003 and AS/NZS 1715:2003 AS/NZS 1716Is the performance standard for Respiratory protective devices (RPDs). Worksaferegulators expect respirators used in workplaces to meet the requirements of thisstandard. AS/NZS 1715Covers the selection, use and maintenance of RPDs. Provides users with the information they need […] ... Read More

Bluetooth Headsets and why they’re good for the worksite.

Since its creation by a group of engineers at Ericsson in 1994, Bluetooth technology has advanced significantly and been used in a myriad of communications devices. You might be using Bluetooth to connect your cell phone to an ear piece or to your car; you might use it to connect a mouse to laptop or […] ... Read More

New Years Safety Resolutions 2021

2021 is on the horizon (finally) and we’re excited to push forward into the year and make it the best yet! As it’s the season for it, we have some resolutions for everyone – and they’re safety orientated (Surprise!). Every year injuries in the workplace have been increasing and a lot of the time it’s […] ... Read More

Spring Thyme – Gardening for Kids!

The clocks go back this weekend and the kids are off school for a whole two weeks. We couldn’t think of a better way to keep them busy (and useful) than a spot of gardening. You’re never too young to learn some tips and tricks around the garden with these adorable activities and products they […] ... Read More

NZ National Gardening Week 2020

National Gardening Week 19th – 26th October: Plants for a Better Planet! 2020…. phew, glad that’s almost over! But before we jump ahead let’s think back to what Kiwis will remember most and what will our children will tell their children about this bizarre year. Kiwis will all remember banding together against COVID-19, our solidarity […] ... Read More

Winter Gloves: A few tips to keep your hands warm

Body temperature is vital: A persons average body heat generally sits around 37°C or around 98.5°F. If working in conditions lower than your body temperature you will need to retain your body heat by either increasing physical activity and/or increasing the insulation you have on your body – especially with gloves due to hands not […] ... Read More

Leather Gloves and why we Love Them

Glove technology has come a long way over the years with new innovations emerging every year within the industry. Millions and millions of dollars have been spent in research and development from most major manufacturers trying to get the edge over the competition. With glove liner technology constantly evolving and the advanced science that goes into […] ... Read More

Safety Signs in the Workplace – The Basics

  Is your workplace up to standard when it comes to displaying the correct safety signage? Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1319:1994 has very detailed guidelines around correct artwork to classify as a compliant workplace safety sign. These guidelines are broken down into multiple categories that must account for every hazard that is present […] ... Read More

What Glove Palm Coating is Best for Me?

When it comes to work gloves, a dipped palm coating can make an amazing improvement in terms of performance and longevity of the glove. There are a number of variations made up from different natural and synthetic rubber compositions. Knowing what dip is best suited for your specific task can have a huge impact on […] ... Read More

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