Showa - 306 Hydro


• Engineered full foam aerated latex coating, extra grip coating on palm
• Breathable coating technology
• Reduced perspiration when it’s hot yet warmth and dryness in wet conditions
• Soft comfort and premium fit thanks to Showa hand shape technology



NZ$36.63 Including GST
per PAIR














Good for washing the car

Keeps my hands dry when washing the car in Winter!
by Callum Von Greigerson
on 28-06-2018

Garden use

Best gloves I have ever used in the garden for potting up! They keep my hands dry when I'm working in very damp/wet conditions and as it is winter (all be it Brisbane winter) I'm very grateful for the way these gloves look after my hands. I do wash them weekly, turning them inside out to dry completely. Don't mind paying the extra to look after my hands.
by Cathy Atkinson
on 29-06-2018
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