346 DuraCoil


• Waterproof latex grip
• Ergonomically designed
• EN388:2016 Level ‘C’ Cut Resistance
• 13-gauge knitted liner

Increased cut resistance performance due to
engineered DURACoil wrapping technology. Improved
grip coating for enhanced performance. Maximum
comfort when performing delicate tasks due to soft and
flexible HPPE properties combined with high
multifilament wrapping technique. High level of
flexibility and dexterity due to advanced grip
technology. Ergonomically designed to replicates the
natural curves for enhanced dexterity and longer use.
A flexible, light glove providing effective protection
against cuts. Cost-efficient gloves that can be
laundered and re-used. Multi purpose cut glove at a
nominal price.



NZ$34.95 Including GST
per Pair





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