Tyvek® 500 HV - Coveralls


• Compliant to the highest class of high visibility norm (EN 20471- Class 3/3)
• All in one solution: high visibility, chemical, biological & antistatic protections
• No washing, no monitoring, no hassle
• Replaces or protects your high visibility reusable coverall
• Ergonomic design
• Ideal solution for working environments such as rail, road, underground, ports / airports, mining, waste where high visibility standards are required for the workers’ safety

Designed for limited use only, Tyvek® 500 HV garments provide outstanding safety performance without the hassle of repeated washing and monitoring of its effect on colour.

Tyvek® 500 HV is the ideal solution when working in dangerous or dark environments and poor weather conditions. Indeed its bright fluorescent orange colour associated to silver grey reflective bands makes it highly visible during the day as well as in the night (when exposed to a light source). This combination of Tyvek® performance with the highest visibility standard makes it a major innovation in the field of disposable protective apparel.






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