Magnus-X Blizzard

The Blizzard is a premium waterproof gauntlet. The breathable HIPORA liner fabric consists of a layered micro porous coating structure which is resistant to water, paired with a 3M™ Thinsulate™ G-100 gram inner lining making the Magnus-X Blizzard ideal for extreme winter work and recreation.

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New and Improved!

The Ultra Warmth glove has had a makeover. New glove features include: Nitrile dots for extra grip, black liner to hide dirt, durable nitrile foam dip. The new features ensure that the glove is ideal for wet/dry conditions. Same product code, same great price!

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Showa 377

The Showa 377 is general purpose glove that is dipped in a thin blue nitrile coating to resist liquid. It also has a foam nitrile dipped palm to provide excellent grip in oily situations. This style is oil and chemical resistant and it is also available in a thermal option.

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Showa 306

The Showa 306 is a unique combination of high grade foam latex couples with a flat latex coating on the palm. This has a water repellent finish with exceptional grip, dexterity and breathability. The Showa 306 offers reduced perspiration in hot yet warmth and dryness in wet conditions.

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Showa 4552

The Showa 4552 is the first, fully biodegradable glove to the market. This general purpose glove has an engineered knitting with Eco Best Technology and has a sponge nitrile coating technology.

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Eye Protection

Our safety glasses and goggles are designed to look and feel good while performing your tasks. All our safety eyewear holds Australian/New Zealand Standards and/or CE (European) standards.

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Hearing Protection

Avoid permanent damage by protecting your hearing with earplugs or earmuffs from Lynn River. Available in a range of hearing protection levels and styles.

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Respiratory Protection

For comfortable and effective protection against dust, vapours or fumes, choose from the Lynn River range of respiratory products - there is a model to protect against most airborne hazards.

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The Glove & Safety Gear Specialists

Whether on the farm, in the workplace or at home, personal protection equipment (PPE) is an important contributor to protecting the health and wellbeing of individuals and an organisation's employees. 

Over the past 40 years, Lynn River is a company which has become synonymous with hand protection and is known throughout the country as “the glove professionals”.  With around 50% of workplace accidents involving hands, protecting these assets from harm has to be a high priority. 

Lynn River has recently broadened our focus from hand protection and launched an innovative range of hearing, eye and respiratory protection products that meet or exceed all relevant quality standards.  We have dedicated a huge amount of time and resource to develop one of the best safety ranges in Australasia.  These products are designed to be very comfortable, excellent value for money without compromising on product quality or performance.  

If you need assistance to identify and assess your personal protection equipment needs, we recommend that you call our knowledgeable Customer Services team tollfree on 0800 10 45 68 (or 1800 892 839 from Australia).  Alternatively, you can email us or visit our enquiry page for advice.



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